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Latest News

Comet seats - 30/08/2013

We have just had another seat made to match the original we have for the project. It was made for us by Mick Sharpe from Western Coachworks in Mickleover Derby. He has made a great job of it and it is another step towards getting the cockpit completely fitted out.

G-RCSR - 30/07/2013

There are now 2 Comets at Derby, Ken Fern brought his replica DH88 Comet G-RCSR to the airfield to carry on working on it alongside Black Magic.
Why not visit Derby now, the only place in the world where you can see 2 DH88 Comets.

Window seals for the Canopy - 24/05/2013

Woolies of Peterborough a major supplier of Trim and upholstery fittings for classic and vintage cars has helped us with the supply of the special sliding window seals we need for the canopy. www.woolies-trim.co.uk

Rollover Jig. - 03/05/2013

David Amis has kindly supplied us with one of his rollover jigs for the fuselage so we can easily turn it over to work on. Specifically designed for the classic car restoration market these jigs can also help in the restoration of aeroplanes, have a look at http://www.rolloverjigs.com to see how these work. Thanks Dave.

WELDING – Feb 2013 - 28/02/2013

Don Yates has joined our volunteer team as resident welder. He is retired and spent over 40 years working for the railway as a welder latterly in the instructing roll so is very experienced. We are sorting out his CAA welding approval certificates , which will be a formality after seeing the quality of his work, ready for the next jobs on the Comet.

WING SPARS - 01/01/2013

Work is progressing well on the wings with the first main spar almost complete and our team of volunteers are working on the wing ribs in anticipation of starting to assemble the wings as soon as all the spars are finished. Once again we are grateful for the help given by all our sponsors but in particular we must thank Dynea UK Ltd for the supply of the glue being used.

Frost - 11/06/2012

Frost Auto Restoration Techniques Limited Have kindly donated the sheet steel we need for the canopy window slides

LAS - 02/04/2012

LAS Aerospace have agreed to help with the supply of some of the materials we need for the project including sheet steel and tubes plus all the consumables like nuts and bolts etc.

Metalplas - 06/12/2011

Metalplas have kindly donated the Phosphor Bronze we need for the flap bearings.

Ken Fern - 08/08/2011

Ken Fern, who initiated the project and introduced it to the current Comet Racer Project Group, has been busy with the engine mount frames and the undercarriage support structures. Jigs have been necessary to hold the steel tubes in position for welding. Undercarriage telescoping tubes have been machined at N and B Engineering at Northampton who have been most helpful with many other tricky parts. The special coil springs have been manufactured and are in stock. Ken has travelled many miles to and from Nottingham with all of the parts requiring welding. Ken is now able to devote yet more time to the project and has completed the ply covering of the tail plane already. Ken’s extra time involvement allows the project to proceed much faster and this is another very significant step forward. Assembly of the elevators is the next job, the first one of which is now complete (as of 08/08/2011, pictures to follow).

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